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Ground knowledge

Applied Tactical Gaming is a community that focuses on honing tactics and strategy, whether it is coordinating with air assets, or raiding a camp. At ATG you will develop group tactics that translate well into other first person shooters while also having fun. We focus on cooperation to get specific tasks completed rather than just simply eliminating the opposing side's forces.

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We pride ourselves in tactical gameplay in an immersive environment. With that, you can expect to be in first person only, use land navigation to get around and to know where you are in the world, have a minimal HUD, and expect realistic encounters during scenarios. You will rarely jump into multiple vehicles during a mission as the focus is to utilize your role selected for the mission to combat threats and complete tasks with in that role. A single person cannot complete our missions, it will require teamwork and tactics to overcome scenarios that we create and run. Our missions are grounded in reality and more often than not that means that the opposing force have us out gunned, outnumbered, or worse both. You'll develop skills in operating with other people in order to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible if playing alone. If that sounds like fun experience AppTac might be the unit for you.


Game Content
Immersion, Utility and Misc.

We play with modern equipment. We chose to omit almost all A3 vanilla content. We use steam workshop to easily organize our mods into a single collection that always stays up to date (provided your settings on steam allow it), for ease of setup, and to make everyone's lives easier. We know the mod pack can be a pretty hefty download but if you like a large variety of equipment as much as we do, it’s definitely worth it.

Game Content:
ACE, RHS, 3CB, NIARMS, Project Infinite, Soviet Armed Forces, GRAD Trenches, RKSL Studio: Attachments, YuEMod, MLO, Redd'n'Tank, BWMod, RM SWAT, Vurtual's MTVR, Vurtual's M923A1, MBG Buildings

CUP Terrains, Hebontes, Kujari, Ruha, Vinjesvingen, VIDDA, PKL Legacy, Khnoramshahr, Rosche, Virolahti

Immersion & Utility:
ACE, ACRE, Diwako ACE Ragdolling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Advance Towing, Advance Sling Loading, Advnaced Rappeling, Enhanced Movement, interiors for CUP

View our Steam collection here: AppTac ArmA - Primary Collection

Mod Pack Size

0 GB

Standard Operating Procedures

We require a familiarization course to be taken by all recruits before they are considered for full membership. All further training is optional and we do not require our members to attend further training after familiarization. Familiarization Training is scheduled on a needed basis. All other optional training is offered when ever we have instructors and course material available. As ARMA is a game heavily based on the analogy “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, everyone needs uphold a certain level to fully benefit from our style of gameplay and ensure smooth and effective operating.

Game Time

Official weekly session is Saturday at 1900 hrs EST (7pm) and the game night runs for however long people are up for more (can go from 7pm-11pm or sometimes 1am or even 2am). Our server is up 24/7 and anyone can use the steam group to organize any pick-up game anytime of the week. Do note that if you are in the FOB channel in teamspeak updating your modpack, we will not wait on you to launch the next mission. Have your modpack updated and ready to go before the start time.
As always, stay tactical, have fun, and get shit done.

This ARMA unit was built on the mentality of keeping ARMA a game and not a second job. There is a line crossed by other Units in the ARMA community with mandatory attendance quotas. This is not the case here. If you can play, we would love to see you in-game. However, if you can’t make for what ever reason, no worries. Things come up, we understand. We’ll see you on the next week.

Join Our Discord

At AppTac we use Teamspace to facilitate in-game comms during our weekly ArmA missions, however also use it as a place to hangout and just chat and use it for other games as well. In addition to Teamspeak, we use discord to facilitate the text chatter and meme posting that inevitably happens. We also use it for "looking-for-group" for when you are looking to play a few pick up games during the week and such as Escape from Tarkov, WarThunder, Squad, or the occasional Minecraft and Space Engineers.


Have friends that like playing the same pickup games that we do but aren't ready to apply for membership? invite them! We don't want you to choose sides, have them join our discord so they can get hangout with us when and invite them we dicided to play a game during the week.